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Balanced Body’s space-saving CenterLine Reformer with Tower offers all-in-one flexibility, new programming concepts, and economical use of space. The CenterLine Reformer replicates the exact, smaller measurements Joe used on his original components, upgraded with Balanced Body’s unparalleled craftsmanship and materials.

The four-in-one exercise system of Reformer, Mat Station and Tower provides a complete workout in the space of a Reformer. Additional programming options include working in multiple planes of resistance, on a mat or moving platform.

This system offers several advantages over similar equipment:

  • Easiest conversion system. Two lightweight mats fit over the carriage and on top of the frame. No need to lift, flip or turn the carriage.
  • Tower frame is chrome, engineered and built for stability. Its unique attachment system provides maximum stability and disperses the stress throughout the frame.
  • Mats can double as floor mats. Non-skid feet keep them firmly in place.
  • To convert from Tower to Reformer, just remove the mats, lift the risers, insert the shoulder rests and raise the footbar.